Iween Software Solutions is founded by young and energetic team with matchless combination of expertise in software and travel domains with focus on essential needs of travel industry which is on the verge of its transformation into highly sophisticated, structured and automated system.

We believe that to promote growth in the global travel industry, sophisticated but simple technology must be accessible to all. Our passion to upgrade the industry by introducing cutting edge technological solutions addressing the evolving needs of the market lead to the creation of "Nextra", a product which provides Next Generation Travel Software Solution.


We provide a Web-based end-to-end software solution for Tour Operators,Travel Agents, Corporates as well as End-Users and assist you manage your business online and automate working procedures to increase business efficiency. With simple and intuitive user interface, Nextra is ‘smart and simple’ software for your growing travel business!. It eliminates the technology gap by providing a powerful, cost effective and easy to use platform to create, book, manage, integrate and distribute travel inventory. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and hosting facilities, Nextra enables travel companies to gain a competitive advantage at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.


  • Mr.R.Sudheer Reddy, Director,

has, apart from the general corporate experience, a vast and rich level experience in IT, consistent with Travel Industry , provides an operational excellence to the Company and a capability to drive innovation. Prior to this, Sudheer was CTO, Neptune Travels India Pvt Ltd. where he has played a significant role and has his hands involved in every aspect of the travel portal and is the chief architect of the portal, though he now looks after the new features, security and scalability of the portal. Mr.Sudheer had his Masters Degree in Information Technology from the IIIT and Bachelors Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. In addition, his project 'Inverse Chess' got recognition as NASSCOM top 100 IT Innovators for the year 2008. His profound expertise on systems software related aspects including the travel domain would help shape the team of the company to work in the right way in the larger interest of the company stakeholders.

  • Mr.Ranga Prasad Badaseshi, Director,

has a vast background in Business Development, Marketing & Technical Sales besides being a core team member. Prior to launching Iween Software Solutions, he worked with few Indian start-ups including QSO Technologies and Neptune Travel Solutions in their inception stages leaving behind a remarkable impression by developing effective strategies and efficient methodologies. His international experience and leadership skills allow him to contribute to the enterprise in a wide variety of roles. He holds a Bachelor degree in Engineering from JNT University, Hyderabad and Master degree from IIIT Bangalore in Information Technology.

  • Ms.Ramya Vipperla, Director,

brings in her sales, marketing, and executive management experience to iWeen Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.. Her earlier Business Development Executive position to a required extent at Hyderabad International Airport, Hyderabad Menzies Air Cargo Pvt. Ltd. , gave her a dynamic entrepreneurial zeal and enthusiasm that led her to be one of the driving forces in the formation of iWeen Software Solutions. Obtained her Masters Degree in Business Administration specialised in Marketing and Bachelors Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Her able time management approach plunges in, to stabilize companies systems activity so as to fulfil its needs aptly in a manner that suits well to all of its customers.